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Life is governed by rules and rules are meant to be obeyed. There are spiritual rules, earthly rules, earthly principles, spiritual principles. To every broken rule comes an arrest.  In the kingdom of God if you lack obedience you are not entitled to an inheritance in Christ.

Every blessing is dependent on your level of obedience. Obedience must be learnt before destinies can be lightened. Directly or indirectly the challenges we face is what teaches us obedience which can come through instructions. Your not paying attention to instruction may result in the mother of all frustrations.

The peace and prosperity of God comes through our obedience. It is obedience that brings out the good in a thing to us. The path of obedience is meant to help us enjoy the benefits that life carries. When you become obedient to God’s will you automatically generate the needed power for your transformation.

Every great destiny is determined by your great obedience to God, Heb 5:7-9. Often times people are not obedient until they have suffered, may that not be your testimony. Every disobedient that comes from a man brings pain to his life. To become rebellious to God’s words may command your everlasting regret. Your condition is a function of your level of obedience, your ignorance notwithstanding.

The effect of disobedience can be contagious especially where bad companies are found. Your disobedience will not only affect you, your generation may not be spared Rom 1:5. Your obedience is crucial to your destiny, just like every disobedience brings destruction; every obedience brings the peace and prosperity to a man.

Anybody can receive a prize if he’s ready to pay a price; surely, the price of obedience is worth its cost. Disobedient people always tend to be too sure of themselves; don’t be caught in that trap. To take instructions for-granted is to become grounded. The laws you set for yourself are the laws that you may break all by yourself. Until you stop doing things your way: you may  soon miss your way. Never take God’s instructions for-granted as it exposes a man to the attack of his enemies. Disobedience can also ruin the numerous opportunities ahead of you with your eyes wide open.

While your obedience will make you, your disobedience will break you.

Watch out!


Pastor Gbolahan Odunsi.

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